Venom Fan Art - Round 1
Black Panther - Dora Milaje Jewelry Armor
Black Panther Kimoyo Bracelet
Bright - Fairy Design - Final pass
Bright - Insect Fairy design
Thor Ragnarok : Surter's Guards
Thor Ragnarok : Hulk Parade Aliens
Thor Ragnarok : Hela Minions - v1
Thor Ragnarok: Corrupted Eguards
Thor Ragnarok: Korg
Thor vs Surtur's Horde
Thor Ragnarok : Dragon
Thor Ragnarok : Surtur's Minions
Justice League - Aquaman Armor
Guardians of the Galaxy Vol 2. Cocoon
Guardians of the Galaxy Vol 2. Krugarr Final Design
Guardians of the Galaxy Vol 2. Alt. Krugarr Design
Early pass on Krugarr
Guardians of the Galaxy vol. 2 - Martinex
Martinex - Early Concept 2
Martinex Early Design 1
Dark Tower- Hoodie Taheen
Dark Tower Pitch - Thinny Creatures
Early I-Rex Design Exploration
Early Design for I-Rex in Jurassic World
Alpha 5 - Power Rangers
Red Ranger - Power Rangers
Yellow Ranger - Power Rangers
Pink Ranger - Power Rangers
Black Ranger - Power Rangers
Power Rangers - Blue Ranger
Jurassic World - Pteranodon
Spectral - Walking Study 003
Spectral - Walking Study
Spectral Walking Study 002
Spectral - Female Study
Spectral - On Plates
Spectral - More Development
Spectral - Horror Version 1
Spectral - Design Pass
Muto Design Pass
Godzilla Design
Pitch work for a film about a Robotic Police Man.
Pitch Work for a film about a lizard.
Unused Pitch - The Creature
Unused Pitch - The Creature v2
Djinn Sculpture for MOLD 3d Workshop
Essence Creature Design - Squidsect
Manta Pup - for 'Essence Creatures'
80' s Robot Final Design
Cartoon Ghost for Commercial - FInal
Cartoon Ghost for Commercial - v2
Cartoon Ghost for Commercial - v1
The Watch - Final Creature Design
The Watch - Sketches
Cowboys and Aliens - Head Design and Stages
Unused Robot Arm Design
Tree Beings Concept for Snow White and the Huntsman
Dwarf Concepts for Snow White and Skilled Huntsmen
Lizard- Transformation
Lizard - Early Design
Spectre - CDA in Class Demo
Fire Fairy